“I've never been in a more spiritual, pluralistic, healing and connective Jewish space. After this weekend, I feel certain that connecting to one another through song, chant, and music is the healing we NEED to get through these troubled times-- remembering where we come from, where we are going, and that we need each other to do it.”

“This workshop created a space where magic, ancestors, and Jewish joy all could rise together in harmony. It created a bridge between my spirituality and my Jewish ancestry for which I have ached for a long time. Thank you.”

“LMPS reminded me what is possible when we trust and believe in each other's heart song. I feel re-energized as I continue to build my own singing community and the song has given me new wells to draw on in resistance and healing.”

“LMPS is reaching new rings of community, lifting spirits and raising expectations about what cultural experiences with Judaism can be.”

“This experience was probably the most affirming of my Judaism I've ever felt.”

“This was one of the most open & spiritual large group spaces I've ever been in. I felt so comfortable pushing my comfort zone and challenging myself to sing louder, longer, and more powerfully.”

“So much love! I discovered the depth and beauty of Judaism through singing in a new way. How beautiful it was to be brought together with people from so many backgrounds and feel what it must have felt like to be part of the original tribe of Jewish people in song.”

“LMPS is where I started to meet the community I want to build olam haba with.”

“This is the closest I have ever seen to a truly liberated and liberatory Jewish community! I feel inspired, hopeful and uplifted.”

“I can feel the ancestors I walk with that have been waiting for generations to feel held in the arms of a Jewish community again breathing in the hope and nourishment of this gathering.”

“LMPS is a highlight of my LIFE. The leaders are mentors of the heart and soul. We NEED Jewish spaces like this that nurture intergenerational connection, JOCSM song tradition, women & femme leadership, & trans inclusion.”

“LMPS was a healing experience for me -- I so often feel disconnected from my Mizrahi identity in my body, and lifting up Galeet and Michelle's teaching and singing in such a beautiful and thriving Jewish singing community brought me joy, tears, and hope for my own and my people's liberation.”

“Thank you for the gift of this experience, even if only for a weekend. We need to spread the light. People are disenfranchised and fragmented. Thanks for the gift of connection and unconditional love. The Jewish community and world are so fragmented. This retreat demonstrates the possibility of a loving and accepting world. It is the godly spirit to recognize our connection to each other irrelevant of the illusion of boundaries/externalities.”

”THANK YOU <3 <3 <3 LMPS has revived me and transformed me in a way I had no idea was possible. I didn't know what I was missing in my regular life. It's hard to imagine returning but I will try to build these sparks. LMPS brought me to my knees in awe and connection to my innermost self and to others around me and lifted me up. LMPS will heal the world. Or at least the spiritual grief of the Jewish diaspora.”

“I am not a joiner but this is a community where I felt I could be heard and be a part of the whole. What a gift!”