We believe in the liberatory potential of song and the importance of a vibrant Jewish singing culture.


We organize a 3-day retreat at Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center each summer and are beginning to organize Shabbatonim* in cities across the United States, starting with New York City and Philly.  Our retreats are structured around Shabbat, hour-long song sharing and teaching sessions, and community sings. Together, we sing and share an array of Jewish song traditions, inclusive of a wide range of Jewish ancestry and religious practices. The retreats are open to lovers of Jewish song, new and old. Whether you have an abundance of songs in your back pocket you are excited to share, are longing to expand your repertoire, or are new to Jewish songs altogether, we welcome you to join us! We see the array of Jewish songs as expansive, including but not limited to songs based on liturgical text, niggunim (wordless melodies), piyyutim, Jewish folk songs, Hebrew chanting, Jewish labor songs, songs Yiddish, Ladino, and Judeo-Arabaic, Jewish gospel, songs written by Jews, sung by Jews, and more.

*a shabbaton is a retreat structured around the celebration of shabbat