Philly Let My People Sing! Shabbaton

Let My People Sing! Philly - our first Shabbaton on the road - was a huge success!  With over 300 in attendance, we dove deep in to the transformative and healing power of song together. Below is the livestream from the culminating Saturday night participatory concert.  The music is full of healing, beauty, and the spirit of resistance that we need to be cultivating together right now.  Let's build our strength, courage, resilience, and community. Let's bring song to our movements for justice, into the streets, into the places of darkness in need of rhythm and light!


For the first time, we will be taking Let My People Sing! on the road!

January 27 - 28th, 2017  /. Kol Tzedek at Calvary Center for Community and Culture, 801 South 48th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143

We will be singing our way through shabbat from candle lighting Friday evening through Havdalah Saturday night, followed by a participatory concert featuring Shir Singing Circle*.  

$72 per person 13 and up** 
$36 kids 1-12, includes kids programming (5-12) & childcare (1-4)**
kids under 1 or staying with parents in the adult sessions, free
**rates will increase to $90 per person on January 13th
Registration includes 3 vegetarian meals.

Saturday Night Participatory Concert

Saturday, January 28th, 2017 8 - 10pm

The participatory concert will feature Shir Singing Circle's Jessi Roemer, Joey Weisenberg, Yosef Goldman, Anne Lewis, George Mordecai and Ami Yares along with the Let My People Sing! core team. Cost is included in registration, and we also welcome those not able to attend the entire Shabbaton to attend the concert for $10 in advance, $15 at the door.

Why song, why now?

We are in a time that calls on us, more than ever, to guard our morale, build resilient communities, and show up for one another; to learn the sacred roots of our traditions and creatively rework them in response to the needs of today. Singing is a place of refuge and a practice of communal interdependence.  We come together to sing for medicine, for healing, for spiritual nourishment that can sustain us for the long haul. We sing in resistance to the forces of hatred, greed, and oppression that will cast a shadow over the years to come.  We sing to remind one another: we are alive, we are strong, we are together, we will survive. 


Sample Schedule

Friday, January 27th

4 - 5pm: Check in
5 - 5:30pm: Candle lighting
5:30 - 7pm: Kaballat Shabbat / Ma'ariv
7 - 8pm: Dinner (provided)
8 - 10pm: Tisch

Saturday, January 28th

9am - 12pm: Davening
12 - 1pm: Lunch (provided)
1 - 2pm: Session 1
2:15 - 3:15pm: Session 2
3:15 - 4:15pm: 3rd Meal + Community Sing
4:30 - 5:30pm: Session 3
5:45 - 6:30pm: Havdallah + Closing
6:30 - 8pm: Dinner on your own
8 - 10pm: Concert in Collaboration with Shir Singing Circle (location TBD)

Note: Usually at Let My People Sing! we offer three different tefillah options: Orthodox, Traditional Egalitarian, and Alternative/Renewal. For Let My People Sing! Philly, we will have one service that honors the minhag hamakom (custom of the community) of Kol Tzedek. We understand that this is different than what we've done in the past, but we feel it's important that on this weekend in particular we come together in our prayers. The tefillah services at LMPS Philly will use the Kol HaNeshama siddur, which is aligned with the Reconstructionist movement. The services will be a mix of chanting, traditional Reconstructionist liturgy, and song. The only instruments we will be using are our voices. Maybe this type of service is new for you or outside of your comfort zone. Even so, we encourage you to join us in prayer, in whatever way feels authentic to you.