Organizing Team

Mónica Gomery

Mónica is a rabbinical student at Hebrew College whose interests include poetry, niggunim, Talmud study, social justice, and pastoral care. She believes that music is at the heart of building spiritual and political community, and loves nothing more than singing with others. She is thrilled to learn and to teach at Let My People Sing!

Ilana Lerman

Ilana is a community organizer, artist, and herbalist in Boston, MA and loves to interweave song throughout her days, political meetings and actions, and spiritual practice. Ilana is a graduate of Shefa Gold’s Kol Zimra program for chant leaders.


Margot Seigle

Margot is a community organizer, movement builder, healer & ritual leader in practice who co-runs a queer Jewish chicken farm called Linke Fligl (left wing in yiddish).   She hails from the midwest and currently live in the Hudson Valley, but calls the Jewish diaspora home.  Margot deeply believes in the liberatory potential of song and is so grateful for the opportunity to co-create a space that holds that vision. 




Batya Levine

Batya is currently a preschool teacher in Boston, and was once a Teva Educator turned Transformational Experience Fellow at Isabella Freedman. She plays a variety of instruments including guitar, mandolin, and saxophone, though voice is her primary instrument. Coming from the Jewish lineage of the tribe of Levi, who were the musicians in the Holy Temple, she is dedicated to music for the sake of healing and growth on the individual and communal levels.

Nomi Lerman

I grew up in Milwaukee, WI listening to Jewish music from around the world and announcing songs for my father's weekly Jewish radio show, which helped me developed a deep respect and appreciation for Jewish music.  I have studied Classical, Jazz, and Fingerstyle Blues guitar, which influences my current love of  learning Hasidic and Yiddish folk songs.  I am passionate about cultivating nigun-singing as a spiritual and meditative practice– one that can be a collective unifying experience for people to create intentional sacred space with our voices together.  I am currently a Rabbinical student in Boston, Massachusetts.