Our new scholarship for Jews of Color, Indigenous, Sefardi & Mizrahi Jews

Thanks to community fundraising efforts this past year, Let My People Sing! is now able to offer financial support specifically for Jews of Color, Indigenous, Sefardi, and Mizrahi Jews to come to our retreat. Isabella Freedman will be matching what we raised this year, to make this even more possible!



One of LMPS’s primary goals is to expand the body of Jewish song that is uplifted in our communal spaces. We want our music to reflect our multiracial and diverse communities, and to reimagine who is at the center of Jewish life. We see this as necessary, given the ways that Ashkenazi heritage and whiteness have been dominant within Jewish communities particularly in the United States. Our project includes restoring lost, broken, or marginalized lineages of cultural and ancestral transmission, and simultaneously elevating and celebrating the incredible new music being created right now. We seek to lift up teachers and transmitters of traditional Mizrahi and Sefardi music, as well as Jews of Color and Indigenous Jews who are teaching and creating both old and new lineages of song. We’re excited to make it financially possible for more JOCISM to attend LMPS this year, and to support the cultural organizing and community-building that JOCISM folks are doing right now across the United States and around the world.

Every summer our lead teacher team has included lead JOCISM musicians teaching their musical lineages, and this summer we are thrilled to have 3 incredible JOCISM teachers bringing their wisdom to the retreat!

If you identify as JOCISM and would like to apply for financial aid, please fill out this questionnaire.

Note: We *also* love to sing Ashkenazi music, and music created by Ashkenazi and/or white Jews at LMPS. Additionally, we recognize that JOCISM may identify with Ashkenazi ritual, music, and/or culture. This retreat is for everyone, and you’re welcome to come exactly as who you are! If this paradigm is new for you, LMPS will be an amazing opportunity to learn more about racial justice and Jewish diversity through song.

*** Scholarships are also available through the Tamar Fund at Isabella Freedman (see here), and we strongly encourage people with identities often marginalized in Jewish communities, including disabled people, trans, non-binary and gender-non-conforming people, and working class and poor peopleto apply. LMPS is reshaping Jewish culture, community, and practice, and we really want YOU there! ***